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A cricket ID is a unique identifier assigned to a player or team that is used to distinguish them from others. This identification system is commonly used in professional cricket leagues and tournaments, such as the Indian Premier League (IPL), International Cricket Council (ICC) tournaments, and domestic cricket leagues.

A cricket ID typically consists of a combination of letters and numbers that represent the player or team’s name, country, or league. For example, in the IPL, each team is assigned a unique ID consisting of three letters that represent the team’s name, followed by a number representing the order in which the team was established.

The purpose of the cricket ID system is to make it easy to identify players and teams in various competitions and to track their performance over time. This system also helps in maintaining records and statistics of players and teams, such as their batting averages, bowling figures, and team rankings.

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A cricket ID system helps in standardizing player and team identification across different cricket tournaments and leagues.

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